Guild Enterprises Limited is an international company specializing in importing, marketing and distributing consumer goods in the food sector. Our main office is in Israel and we are active in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Our company is the exclusive agent and distributor in Israel and the Palestinian Authority for the following products:

Arnott’s from Australia, Campbell’s Soups from the USA, Finn Crisp from Finland, Real Foods from Australia, Rich (Flavor Right) from the USA, U&S Unismack from Greece.

LGMC Industries from Morocco, Karn Corn from Thailand, Day Bright Foods from China, Triton from Iceland, World Cheese from USA, L.M.R. Biscuits from Belgium, Tongfa Fujian Foods from China, Covinor from France, Las Lagunas from Spain, Ital Lemon from Italy.

General Candy from Thailand, CeDe Candy from Canada, Gida from France, Aureate from Korea, Good-Days from China, Aladim Confectionary from Brasil, Van-Vliet from Netherlands, BFG from Canada, Ralcorp from USA, Maghreb Industries from Morocco, Navarro Pecan from USA, Western Nut from USA, Quality Nut from USA.

Brokelmann Oil from Germany, Coagro from Thailand, Full Fill Industries from USA, Hojiblanca Olive Oil from Spain, Sperlonga from Italy. Vandermoortele margarine from Belgium, Soya Hellas margarine from Greece.
Mikro Technik from Germany, Bunge from Canada, Manildra from Australia.
De Bioderij from the Netherland, Steg Jola from Belgium, Chateau Blanc (Paul) from France.

Our company specializes in creating Private Label for chain stores like: Shufersal, Mega Retail, Tiv Taam, Rami Levi and Yaynot Bitan in Israel as well as chain stores in the USA & UK.
In addition to the above, and to further develop our marketing and distribution capability, we are strategically linked with distributors who cater to all niches of the market, throughout the country and also in the Palestinian Authority.

In Israel, the logistics and distribution are also handled by The united distributors & traders ltd., Spetz industries ltd., Ta’aman marketing (Ta’aman specializes in the Orthodox Jewish markets) Shemen Industries and Nestle Osem.

Our frozen and refrigerated food is distributed and marketed via Sharon Puratos, Unilever, Strauss and General Mills.
Each distribution company has separate staff and employees, including traveling sales people, telemarketers, drivers, warehouse personnel, accounting, data analysis/statistics and General Management.

We distribute to over 9,000 customers, including all the major Supermarket Chains in Israel, mini markets, grocery stores, kiosks, private pharmacies and drugstores. We also distribute to the institutional market, including hotels, bakeries, caterers, restaurants and factories, as well as infant and children’s stores.
We deliver daily, 6 days a week, covering all of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The distribution companies have large warehouses and fleets of Transit delivery vans and trucks.