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…it was at PLMA in 2006 when a man came to our booth and introduced himself as Michael from Guild enterprises“.

This was the beginning of a more than successful story between Germany’s biggest privately owned oil-mill Brökelmann and one of the leading importing companies for the retail market and raw materials in Israel, Guild Enterprises Ltd in Israel.

It all started with one container that Michael bought for Blue Square in 2007 and turned out to be high volume, steady supply to many Israeli companies: importers, distributors and retail chains as well. Even Shemen Ltd. being the biggest oil-mill in Israel is one of our customers. Other names are Willifood, Mega Retail, ABA Victory, Israco, H. Cohen Ltd., A.R.I.Z., Nikuy Hagalil, Ridan Food Marketing, Hashlosha, All for Home, Shelibar, Ta’aman, and more.

Starting with a regular kosher certification, after several years, we took a decision together with Guild Enterprises to produce higher kosher levels as well, such as Badatz and kosher for Passover. This gave us the opportunity to penetrate to other consumer segments and increase the volumes immensely.
In addition, we extended our business to the wholesalers and food industry supplying either bigger packaging like 10 liter or flexi bags for industry use. Nevertheless, Most of the oil is branded with the private labels of our valued customers.

Nowadays, we can humbly say that every Israeli uses a bottle of canola oil that was produced by Brökelmann!

High quality over time, growing volumes, pricing, reliability and mutual trust are the source of our proven success…and this story is yet to be over…